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Big studio quality at a fraction of the cost

I'm a freelance animator and illustrator specializing in character-based explainer videos and educational content. My clients range from boutique animation studios and creative agencies to universities and startups. I bring to the table over twenty years of professional experience in storytelling through clean, attractive design and motion. Reach out today, and let's get started on your next project together!

Animation Samples

Animation is my bread and butter, and my work spans a variety of industries and audiences. Please enjoy some of my most recent work below, and let's talk about how we can work together!

Homeless Quarters - For Epipheo/Hoover Institute
Epipheo/The Hoover Institution - Resilient Infrastructure
Epipheo/The Hoover Institution - Regulatory Capture
Epipheo/The Hoover Institution - Nuclear Energy
Epipheo/Hoover Institute - America Divided
Unarchived Putin/Stalin Video for Scope & Sequence
Zira video for Hambone Collective
Neos Patients Video for Epipheo
Fusepack Video for Epipheo
Unarchived Video for Scope & Sequence
Neos Video for Epipheo
SmartMetrix video for Hatchery Nine
Dapper Water Bottle for Epipheo
Epipheo/Hoover Institute - Free Trade
Unite America Event Video for Scope and Sequence
Policy Ed - Vector Style
Crisp Explainer for Epipheo
Epipheo/CodeIt Explainer Video
Real Art/SNY - More Sports 15 Second Spot
Tephinet Explainer for Scope and Sequence
Real Art/Premier Health - E-Visits
Illustration Samples

I've worked on everything from editorial illustrations to advertising, from style frames to concept art and character design. Please enjoy a sampling of my recent illustrations, and let’s talk about how we can work together on your next project.

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